Fiancée and Spouse Visas

Tennessee K-1 Visa Lawyer

K visas allow non-citizen spouses, fiancées, and children of U.S. citizens to enter and live in the United States while waiting for permanent residence.  The most popular of these is the K-1 visa, which allows the fiancée of a U.S. citizen to enter for the purpose of marriage.  K-3 allows spouses of U.S. citizens to enter (promotion of family unity), K-2 is for minor children of the fiancée, and K-4 is for minor children of an immigrant spouse.  


There are many steps in the process for obtaining a K-1 visa.  A petition must be filed by the U.S. citizen, and the foreign fiancée must undergo a medical exam.  One of the most important requirements is that the marriage must occur within 90 days of receiving the visa.  If it does not the non-citizen must leave the United States.  Additionally, federal law requires that the couple have met in person two years prior to filing the petition, and have a bona fide intention to marry.  


If you are planning to bring your fiancée or spouse to the United States, talk to Memphis immigration lawyer Patrick Stegall.  There are many legal requirements to go through this process, including government paperwork and supporting documents.  For instance, the petitioner will need to provide proof of U.S. citizenship as well as proof that you and your fiancée can legally marry.  You need to provide fingerprints, photographs, and a medical exam.  
The K-1 visa is an important step for you and your future spouse, and you owe it to yourself to have a skilled legal advocate on your side.  Attorney Stegall can advise you of the relevant laws and properly prepare all of the documents on your behalf.  Call our office today.