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Shoplifting is among the most common criminal offenses, and the people charged with the crime span all walks of life. I’ve seen everyone from executives to hourly workers, from soccer moms to teenagers and everyone in between who have been charged with shoplifting. I also frequently see people who are embarrassed or ashamed for being charged that they essentially refuse to fight or defend themselves.

Like all criminal defense cases, defending yourself against the charges is typically your best option. I treat all my clients with respect and understanding, and will take your shoplifting case as seriously as any other case I might represent. I understand your need to protect yourself, your record and your future, and at the Stegall Law Firm, Attorney and Counselor, I work with you to build a defense.

Experienced, Effective and Respectful Representation

Though it varies by the amount stolen, most shoplifting convictions are Class A misdemeanors, the same as some DUI and domestic assault convictions. And, although most people charged with shoplifting are not facing the lengthy prison sentences, the repercussions of a conviction can be serious and are worth fighting, particularly considering that many first time offenders might be able to wipe the offense off their record entirely.

I approach cases from a wide range of angles, thoroughly prepared to fight for you in court, but also seeking reduced charges or dismissal at every opportunity. At my office you receive committed, personal attention, and work with a lawyer who will be dedicated to your case, but you also get a highly experienced attorney who can fight on your behalf.

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