Tennessee Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Memphis Minor in Possession Attorney

Minor in possession of alcohol (typically called MIP) is a serious crime in Tennessee.  For a young adult to be charged with this offense, often around the time when he or she is entering the workforce or applying for colleges, it is crucial that the case be handled properly so as not to result in a damaging permanent conviction.

MIP cases can be divided into adult and juvenile charges.  Juvenile offenders (anyone under age 18) will be sent to juvenile court, and adult offenders (age 18-20) will have their case heard in adult court.  There are actually several different types of MIP and underage drinking charges in Tennessee.  The most common is the crime of possessing or consuming alcohol, which typically occurs when a minor or juvenile is caught with beer or liquor.  This can happen at a public place (such as Beale Street in downtown Memphis) or it can happen at a private residence, such as a house party where the police have been called on a noise complaint.

There is also the crime of transporting alcohol, which is usually when a minor or juvenile has been pulled over for a traffic violation and beer or liquor is discovered in the back of the car.  Finally, there is the crime of purchasing or attempting to purchase alcohol, which can include use of a fake id.

Keep Your Record Clean

All of these are serious charges that can result in probation, community service, and in some cases loss of driver’s license and even a permanent conviction.  As a criminal defense lawyer, I take the time to advise my juvenile and minor clients, and their parents, of the nature of the charge and the best way to handle the case.  Being young first-time offenders, my clients are typically not familiar with the court system.  I help them and their families navigate this complex process.  Finally, I do everything possible to insure that the charge is dismissed and kept off their record.

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