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With major interstate arteries coming in and out of the city, including I-40 and I-55, and a law enforcement attitude that is widely known for its sometimes aggressive practices, the Memphis area sees a disproportionate number of drug crimes and drug trafficking cases. At the Stegall Law Firm, Attorney and Counselor, I represent criminal defense clients in drug crimes and drug trafficking charges.

With extensive criminal defense experience and a commitment to client satisfaction, I explore every part of your drug trafficking charge, including the stop, search and arrest procedures. Law enforcement officials have sometimes overstepped their bounds and violated people’s civil rights; Shelby County officers are no different. When that happens, you need aggressive legal counsel to defend your rights and protect your interests.

Protecting Your Rights

If you are facing drug trafficking charges in or near Memphis, Tennessee, consider hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer who will work with you at every step to make sure your rights are being protected. I work hard to keep clients involved throughout their defense, and take the extra steps necessary to make sure I am building an effective and specialized defense.

There are countless issues to consider when defending against drug trafficking charges:

•Was the stop legitimate?

•Was racial profiling involved?

•Did the arresting officer perform an illegal search?

•Was there probable cause to stop or search?

•Was force or coercion used during interrogation?

•Were you fully informed of your rights during the arrest?

Similar in some ways to defending DUI and drug crime arrests, we examine all aspects of the stop, search and arrest to ensure that arresting officers followed proper procedures and did not violate your rights.

Dedicated to Working for You

Call the Stegall Law Firm, Attorney and Counselor, for representation that is focused on providing personalized and effective criminal defense. If you are facing drug trafficking charges in western Tennessee, schedule a free initial consultation with my office today. Contact us by phone at (901) 205-9894 or online.

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