Memphis Criminal Defense Attorney

What are you looking for from your lawyer?

Obviously every client expects their attorney to provide experienced and informed representation. That commitment to professional service should be a given, regardless of who you work with, but shouldn’t you expect more from you lawyer?

At the Stegall Law Firm, Attorney and Counselor, I think you should expect more.

•You should have an attorney that keeps you informed about your case.

•You should have an attorney that makes returning your phone calls a priority.

•You should have an attorney who builds a professional relationship with you.

•You should have an attorney that has taken the time to understand you, your situation and your case thoroughly.

•You should have an attorney that is pursuing the best possible solution to your case instead of just the fastest.

•You should have an attorney that works directly with you instead of handing your case off to assistants and paralegals.

•You should have an attorney who understands how important your case is to you and your family.

A Personalized Approach to Criminal

Your DUI charge proceedings aren’t just another case to you, and they shouldn’t be for your lawyer either. The results of these cases can change lives, and I believe you should work with an attorney who understands that.

I understand what is on the line for clients facing jail time for a felony or a drug conviction. I understand what’s at stake for someone whose dreams of building a future for themselves and their family are put at risk and I take the responsibility of helping you very seriously. It is this approach to the law and more importantly to clients that the Stegall Law Firm , Attorney and Counselor, is built on.

Schedule Your Free Initial Consultation

I offer potential clients the opportunity to sit down and talk about their case free of charge with an initial consultation. Find out if you can expect more from an attorney, and contact me today online or by phone at (901) 205-9894.