Arkansas Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex crimes in the state of Arkansas are some of the most serious offenses out there.  A conviction for most carries a lengthy prison sentence and placement on the sex offender registry.  Convicted persons can find it hard to get a job or even a place to live.  If you’ve been charged with one of these offenses, contact an Arkansas sex crimes attorney right away.

I handle all sexual offenses, which include the following:

  1. Rape

  2. Sexual indecency with a child

  3. Public sexual indecency and indecent exposure

  4. Sexual assault (first degree through fourth degree)

There also are other sex-related crimes that can put someone on the registry, including possession of child pornography, computer exploitation of a child, voyeurism, certain types of kidnapping or false imprisonment, and others.

Defending Your Sex Offense Case

Sex cases require a great amount of preparation and investigation.  For some cases you may be able to work out a settlement where you do not go on the registry or become a convicted felon.  These can be excellent opportunities to resolve the case, put it behind you, and go on with your life.  However, in the more serious charges, the government will probably not negotiate or let you plead to a lesser offense.  Your only option may be to go to trial.

In evaluating any Arkansas sex crime, the first question is can the government prove its case?  Who are their witnesses?  Is it just the alleged victim?  In that case it may simply be their word against yours.  Is there physical evidence such as photographs, text messages, or files on a computer?  Did you have the necessary intent to commit the crime?  While ignorance of the law is not a defense, the government cannot prosecute you without proving you had the intent to commit whatever act they are alleging.

These are just some of the issues that must be evaluated.  As an Arkansas sex crimes lawyer I will look at all the evidence in your case, from eyewitness statements and police reports to scientific DNA and electronic files such as computer drives and phone records.  With what’s at stake, no stone should remain unturned.  All cases are different, but I will always use my experience and professional judgment to give you the best advice and to work toward a fair outcome.

For help with your legal matter, contact attorney Patrick Stegall today.

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