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Most drunk driving charges start when someone is pulled over by the police, after police witness some kind of driving infraction like speeding, swerving or not wearing a seat belt. From there police develop probable cause that the driver is under the influence.

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Sometimes, however, it starts because of an accident. It could be a single car accident like when somebody drives into a ditch or hits a tree, or it could be a two-car collision. When it’s an accident, obviously the police don’t need probable cause just to arrive on the scene and see what’s going on. Chances are, someone like another motorist or a witness called them and they then show up to investigate the accident.

Upon interacting with a driver they believe is under the influence of an intoxicating substance, they may investigate further and charge them with DUI. If you’ve been charge with drunk driving because of an accident, call Stegall Law, a Memphis DUI lawyer, today to discuss your case.

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    The hard reality is that DUIs when there was an accident are treated more severely than ones in which there was no accident. You may be looking at higher fines or a longer minimum jail sentence, especially if there was an injury to somebody else. You may be charged with a felony and face serious jail time.

    Your first call after being arrested should be to Memphis DUI attorney Patrick Stegall. Stegall Law can review the case, negotiate on your behalf, and fight for your innocence. Contact Stegall Law at 901-205-9894.

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