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If you’re convicted of a first offense DUI in Tennessee you’re going to lose your driver’s license for one year.

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But can you get a restricted license, or are you going to have to have one of those ignition interlock device things put on your car? It depends on what type of case, but you should be able to have some type of driving privileges restored following a conviction.

In some cases, the interlock device is required. In others it is not but you may elect to have the interlock device installed instead of traditional geographic and time-based restrictions. With the traditional restricted license, you can drive only during certain times of the day and only to certain places. Choosing to have the interlock put on, however (in cases where it’s not required by law), allows you to drive without those restrictions.

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    You can drive anywhere, anytime. You just have to have that interlock device on your car for a year. That’s a nice advantage, not having those restrictions, but the catch is that interlocks are expensive. There is an installation fee and a monthly service fee. Then they sit there on your steering wheel for all to see. You have to blow into one in order to start the car, and the readings are sent remotely to the monitoring company and your probation officer.

    If any alcohol is detected, your probation officer can have you arrested. In some cases you have to have an interlock device installed, plain and simple. In others, though, you may have a choice and which one is best will depend on your circumstances. Best thing to do is talk to a Memphis DUI Lawyer about your case.

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