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Tennessee sexual offenses are codified in Title 39 of the Tennessee Code Annotated, Chapter 13, Part 5. Sex crimes are among the most serious offenses and many carry lifetime consequences. Tennessee sex offenses range from traditional person-to-person crimes such as rape or sexual battery, to internet-based crimes such as exploitation of a minor.

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If you have been charged with one of these offenses, contact a Memphis sex crimes lawyer immediately. The most serious sex crimes in Tennessee include Aggravated Rape, Rape, Rape of a Child, and Aggravated Sexual Battery.

These charges carry mandatory minimum prison sentences, and often include enhanced punishment. They are all either Class A or B felonies. B felonies carry a minimum punishment of eight years, and A felonies carry a minimum 15 years. These offenses are not probation eligible, and they all require lifetime registration on Tennessee’s sex offender list.

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    Other sex crimes in Tennessee include sexual battery, statutory rape, solicitation of a minor, and solicitation by electronic means. These offenses are also felonies, though in most cases they will not carry mandatory prison sentences. Most, in fact, are probation eligible, and first-time offenders may be allowed to have the charge cleared from their record. The minimum punishment on most of these offenses is going to range from 1-6 years.

    Solicitating sexual exploitation of a minor, however, is a Class B felony with a minimum 8 years. Many of the solicitation charges will depend on the underlying offense; in other words, the crime that is being solicited. This could include any of the previously mentioned offenses, such as sexual battery, statutory rape, sexual activity involving a minor. The solicitation can be accomplished through verbal, written, or electronic communication, including text message or email.

    Similar to solicitation is sexual exploitation of a minor, which actually has two different versions. The first is soliciting a minor to engage in activity or simulated activity that is offensive, through written, verbal or electronic communication, including over the internet or via a webcam. The second involves displaying to a minor or having a minor view sexual activity or any offensive material, whether in person or over the internet.

    Tennessee’s possession of child pornography law is called sexual exploitation of a minor. This law makes it a crime to possess any material which shows a minor engaged in sexual activity or simulated sexual activity that is patently offensive. This crime is generally a Class D misdemeanor punishable at a minimum of two years, but it may be enhanced based on the number of materials possessed.

    If you have been charged with one of the offenses listed in this article, contact Patrick Stegall, a Memphis sex crimes lawyer. Mr. Stegall will review your case and investigate all defenses. You do not have to simply plead guilty.

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