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DUI expungements are finally coming to Mississippi. Starting October 1, 2014, qualified offenders will be eligible to have their DUI conviction removed from their record thanks to a new law signed by the governor.

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Not everyone will be eligible for a Mississippi DUI expungement, and several requirements must be met. To get a DUI taken off your record, you must have completed all conditions of the sentence, including paying costs and fines, and taking any classes; however–it must be at least five years after your conviction. So even if you complete everything in the first year (or the first few months, even) you must wait five years for the expungement. Also you must not have refused a blood or breath test (but urine tests are not mentioned); your blood alcohol concentration must be below .16; you cannot have any other conviction or pending charge for DUI; and you must provide the court with justification as to why the conviction should be expunged. Furthermore, a Mississippi DUI expungement is not available to people who have a commercial driver’s license.

The petition for expungement must be filed in the circuit court of the county in which you were convicted. Only individuals with one DUI conviction on their record (and no other pending DUI charges) are eligible.

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