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If you’re looking for information on establishing a gun trust in the state of Arkansas, this page will help. As a firearms attorney I have assisted hundreds of clients with their gun trust needs in the states of Tennessee and Mississippi, and am now taking my skills and experience across the river to Arkansas. A gun trust is an excellent way to establish ownership of NFA-regulated weapons for yourself and for your family. They are revocable trusts, meaning you can change them in any fashion and as you see fit while you’re alive.

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You may not need to ever make any substantial changes to your trust, but you can always add more weapons into it and also add more people. There is no limit on the number of people you have in your trust, so if you have a large family you can put in everybody. There are no age or geographic limits either, so you can have trust members of any age and in any other states. Your trust will not be limited just to people who live in Arkansas.

Registration of your NFA weapons is easier with an Arkansas gun trust; currently you do not have to get fingerprinted or have your chief law enforcement officer approve your application, and no one in the trust except you has to go through a background check. To find out more about the advantages, costs, and process of starting an NFA trust, contact Arkansas gun trust lawyer Patrick Stegall.

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