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If you’ve been charged with domestic violence in Memphis, one of the questions you’ll be asking is how long until it comes off my record? A better question might be can it come off your record, or will it be permanent? Let’s look at that. Most first time domestic violence offenders will have a good chance of having the charge removed from their record. One way is to have a trial and beat the charge. That ends it for good, but it’s a risk. You may feel that the victim isn’t credible but a judge or jury might decide otherwise. Also trials are expensive and drawn out. If you’re charged with murder, yes you should probably get ready for trial.

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For a misdemeanor DV charge, there are better ways to go about handling it. Probation is always an option for first-time offenders. A domestic violence charge in Tennessee carries up to 11 months and 29 days, so that could be your probation sentence. Once you successfully complete probation you can ask the judge to expunge the charge and arrest from your record. You may also be eligible for intensive anger management or batterers intervention programs which can be shorter than full, supervised probation.

If you qualify, this is an excellent way to resolve these matters without bringing the victim to court or without you pleading guilty and going on probation. How your domestic violence case gets resolved, and how long to get it off your record, really depends on the facts, especially the victim’s wishes. It also depends on which court you’re in. Memphis, Bartlett, Germantown, and Collierville all have their own procedures.

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