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Five mile over tickets in Memphis can be annoying but must be dealt with. Local police frequently stop drivers and give them tickets for going five over. It’s not that they are ticketing people for driving literally five miles over the limit, but usually these drivers are going faster, maybe 10 over or greater, but the police are exercising discretion and essentially giving people a break. The police know that the courts and the Tennessee Department of Safety treat five over tickets more leniently, so if you get one of these tickets the police are trying to help you keep it off your record. How do you keep it off your record? You have to go to court. On the back of your ticket are instruction on how to pay it before court, but if you do this it’s like pleading guilty and it goes on your record. You, or an attorney, have to go to court and talk to the judge or prosecutor.

As a Memphis traffic ticket lawyer I handle these relatively simple matters all the time. Luckily in Memphis, for a 5 MPH over speeding ticket, you do not have to go to driving school. At worst you’ll have to pay court costs to have it dismissed (they actually give you several weeks after the court date to do this). Many times, though, the ticket can be dismissed without costs, meaning you don’t pay anything to the court. It is simply dropped and never reported to Department of Safety or your insurance company. If you have received a citation, contact Memphis traffic ticket lawyer Patrick Stegall. He can go to court for you (you don’t have to go) and help keep it off your record. Contact him at (901) 205-9894 or

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