If you hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and have received a ticket in West Memphis or Marion, Arkansas, you could be at risk of losing your job or getting a conviction on your driving record. Courts are tough on commercial drivers, and you should consider having a West Memphis CDL attorney represent you. This article will give you more information and options. West Memphis and Marion, Arkansas sit at the intersection of two major interstates: I-40 and I-55. They see a lot of trucks go through there, they pull over a lot of drivers for even small infractions of the law. CDL tickets mean money for these small towns, so the more tickets issued the more money they make. Unfortunately you, the driver, are the one who gets squeezed.

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As a CDL you probably know you aren’t given leniency the way a non-commercial driver might. It is all tied to federal law, and the money they give to states for highways, that says a ticket received by a CDL shall not be dismissed or masked (basically allowed to be taken off your record). You can thank the Patriot Act for that. Under the law, the only chance you have of getting it off your record is to go to trial and have it thrown out. You should talk to an Arkansas CDL ticket lawyer. For speeding tickets, you may wish to have a trial or you may be able to have the ticket to reduced to where it’s not so damaging. Alternatively, you may be able to push the case out six months or more where it doesn’t get reported.

For less serious tickets like weight violations or log book violations, your attorney may be able to go to court and have it dismissed since these are not moving violations. Patrick Stegall is a West Memphis CDL lawyer. He handles traffic tickets for drivers of all types in Marion, Crittenden County, Wynne, and Forrest City Arkansas.

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