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If you’ve been charged with a crime in Arkansas, consider talking to an experienced criminal defense attorney. In fact this is pretty much a necessity if you have any intention of keeping the charge off your record and staying out of jail. Being charged with a crime is a scary experience. If it’s your first time you will have no idea what’s going to happen, and nobody tells you what to do. It truly is one of those times where you need a professional on your side, someone who will not only work to get you a good result, but will also walk you through the process.

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Misdemeanor and traffic cases in Marion, Arkansas will be held at the Crittenden County District Court on Military Road. Misdemeanor cases can include shoplifting, drug and weapon possession, and domestic battering. If you’re charged with one of these offenses your criminal attorney can be with you and work to get the best possible outcome. This can include avoiding a jail sentence and keeping the charge off your record permanently, but it just depends on the facts of the case. You may have to go on probation and pay court fines. You may have to take a special class depending on the charge, or perform community service. A criminal charge is a serious matter that shouldn’t be handled alone.

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