If you’ve been charged with theft or shoplifting in West Memphis, Arkansas, you’re probably a little stressed out and uncertain as to what’s going to happen next. You’re probably wondering how this is going to affect your future. You may be worried about losing your job. While these are serious matters that need to be handled the right way, I want you to relax because it’s not the end of the world.

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You are probably not going to lose your job, and life as you know it will go on. But you do have some work to do. You should first contact a West Memphis shoplifting crimes lawyer. Whether you’ve been given a citation and told to come back to court, or if you’ve actually been arrested and had to bond out, having a lawyer with you on that first court date will give you peace of mind and will go a long way toward a favorable resolution.

What are your options and how will your case get resolved? While you can always maintain your innocence and have a trial, that probably isn’t necessary unless you’re absolutely convinced that you are wrongfully accused. Most West Memphis shoplifting charges are going to be misdemeanors, and if it’s your first offence you have some options for keeping it off your permanent record. You may have to go on probation, enter a conditional plea, pay court costs, and complete any other requirements ordered by the court. It really depends on the case, the facts, how much and what type of property is alleged to be taken, which court your case it in and which judge is hearing it. But you do have the chance to keep it off your record and avoid jail time, especially if it’s your first offence.

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