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If you have been charged with shoplifting in one of the jurisdictions of Desoto County, MS such as Southaven, Olive Branch or Horn Lake, this legal guide will provide some helpful information on what to expect when you go to court. I’m going to focus on us lawyers, and how much you should expect to pay to hire one for your shoplifting case.

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All cases are different, but most shoplifting charges are pretty straightforward. Most of the time it will involve merchandise valued $500 or less, making it a misdemeanor punishable up to six months. You aren’t going to do six months in jail, but in some places, especially Southaven, a few days in jail could be a real possibility.

But for the most part it is easier to settle a misdemeanor than to try it, and if there’s a chance that you can settle it without it going on your record or having to serve any time, that’s the way to go. How much is an attorney going to cost for this? I think you should expect to pay at least $1,000 for quality representation. And to me, “quality” means knowing about your case, taking the time to talk with you and get your side of the story, as well as your background and any other important circumstances, and doing everything possible to get the best outcome.

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    Your case may be more complex, and perhaps you want to fight it. You feel you are falsely accused and are ready to go to trial. Maybe you have witnesses to testify for you or evidence you want to present to the judge. This will be more expensive, and to have a trial on a shoplifting case in Southaven or a surrounding area, you are probably looking at around $2,500. This will require additional court dates and most important, additional time to prepare and conduct the trial.

    If you’ve been charged with shoplifting in Desoto County, Mississippi you need to take your case seriously. That starts with getting the best legal representation you can afford. I’m Patrick Stegall, I handle theft cases in Southaven, Horn Lake and the surrounding communities. I’m an experienced Mississippi criminal attorney. Call me at 901-205-9894 to discuss your case.

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