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Oakland, Tennessee speeding tickets

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If you’ve received a traffic ticket in Oakland, TN, read this article for important information on how to keep it off your record. Oakland is a growing community and the police stay busy stopping drivers and writing tickets on Highway 64. If you’ve gotten one of these, your case will be heard in the Oakland city court.

How do you keep this ticket off your record? I can’t promise it will happen, but you give yourself the best chance by getting a lawyer on your side who knows the court system. I’ve helped hundreds of drivers in Memphis, Oakland, and the surrounding areas and I’m confident I can help you too. If you got a ticket and want to keep it off your record, you or your lawyer must go to court. Do not pay it ahead of time—that’s like pleading guilty and it becomes a conviction.

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    To keep this off your record, you may have to go to driving school. The one thing about that is that the judge out in Oakland requires you to go to the class in person. It cannot be done online. So you’ll have to find a place that offers the class (I know of a few I can recommend) and attend it. The class is frequently offered on Saturdays or at night. A better resolution is simply having is dismissed at costs, without going to the class, but I can’t guarantee that. It will depend on the speed limit, if you were in a school zone, and how much over the limit you were ticketed. It also, for better or worse, might depend on the prosecutor’s mood that day.

    Now if you’re a commercial driver (if you hold a CDL) none of this will apply. CDL drivers don’t get the same breaks that us non-commercial drivers get. You may have to set your ticket for trial if you want any chance of keeping it off your record. At a trial, I will cross examine the officer to see what procedure was used to determine you were speeding. You may testify in your own defense as well.

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