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If you’ve recently gotten a speeding ticket in Moscow, Tennessee, you may be wondering what to do next. you’re probably concerned with keeping it off your record, especially if you are a commercial driver. Perhaps you are worried about going to court and being found guilty by the judge. Maybe you don’t even live in the area, but were just passing through when you got the ticket, and are unable to come back for court. This article will give you some information about the court process and what options are available to you.

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As a Moscow, TN speeding ticket lawyer, my first goal is to keep my client’s driving record clean. This means a dismissal of the charge, or at least reducing it to a non-reportable violation which is the same thing as a dismissal. Generally, as long as you weren’t driving excessively fast and don’t have a lengthy traffic record, you can avoid a guilty plea and having points added to your license. In some situations you may have to go to driving school, but the ticket still gets dismissed after you complete the class and send the certificate in to the court. Another advantage to having a Moscow traffic ticket lawyer work for you is you don’t have to go to court. This is especially nice for drivers not from the area. With several major highways nearby, and a police force that likes to ticket out-of-town motorists, it can be very inconvenient, if not impossible, to come back just to go to court.

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