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If you’ve been given a speeding ticket or other traffic citation in the Memphis area, you’ve probably been told you need to show up at court for a mandatory court appearance. Failure to do so will result in a judgment being taken in your absence, which could lead to a conviction, fines, suspension of license, or even a warrant being issued for your arrest! Believe me, if you’ve been issued a ticket you need to either go to court or have a Memphis traffic ticket lawyer go for you. There are numerous traffic courts in and around Memphis, and they all have their own special procedures and hours of operation. If you get a ticket in the city of Memphis you’ll go to city court at 201 Poplar. There are actually three city courts and they all have their own way of doing things. A Memphis speeding ticket attorney can often get speeding tickets dismissed with or without costs, but if it’s a high rate of speed, say 15-20 miles over or more, it may require taking a driver safety class. Accidents without injuries can usually be dismissed as well. One area that can be difficult are tickets for commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs). Even if the driver was not driving commercially at the time he got the ticket, these must either be pled or set for trial. There is no negotiation. Tickets issued in Shelby County, or by the Tennessee Highway Patrol, are heard in Division 14 on the second floor of 201 Poplar. To be dismissed, these almost always require paying court costs and taking a driver safety class. One area where drivers face enhanced punishment is speeding in construction zones. These are treated very seriously under the law, and can carry fines of up to $500. Contact a Tennessee construction zone speeding lawyer if you’ve been charged with this offense. Germantown, TN speeding tickets are heard in Germantown Municipal Court on Wednesday nights. These frequently require a six-month probationary period and payment of court costs. And if you get a ticket in Germantown, be warned: if you don’t show up a warrant will be issued for your arrest. Best thing to do is contact a Germantown traffic ticket lawyer who can arrange to have the ticket taken off your record. Traffic tickets are annoying and inconvenient, but don’t let them blemish your driving record or even ruin your life with costly fees and perhaps even jail time. Contact Memphis traffic ticket lawyer Patrick Stegall to get it taken care of conveniently and with peace of mind. Mr. Stegall handles speeding and other tickets throughout the Memphis area. Contact him by phone at (901) 205-9894 or by email at

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