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The Tennessee Department of Safety has created a point system for traffic violations in Tennessee, designed to identify drivers who recieve too many violations in a certain period of time and are deemed to be a danger to other people on the roads. Under this system, a point value is assessed for each accident or moving violation. When the department recieves notice that a driver has been convicted of a moving violation, or recieves a traffic crash report showing that the driver contributed to an accident, it charges points to that driver’s record. Convictions or accidents more than two years old do not count. The number of points assessed depends on the violation. Speeding charges carry anywhere from 1-8 points, depending on the speed. Reckless driving carries 6 points. Violations such as improper passing, following improperly, failing to yield or stop, not wearing a seatbelt, and leaving the scene of an accident carry 3-5 points. Points may also be assessed for violations of speeding in a construction zone and contributing to occurrance of an accident. When a driver accumulates six or more, but fewer than 12 points in a year, he or she will recieve a warning letter from the Dept. of Safety. The letter will explain the point system and advise the driver of the consequences of getting more points. A driver will get only one warning letter in a five-year period. When a driver has accumulated twelve or more points within a one-year period in Tennessee, the Department shall issue a notice of proposed suspension stating the grounds for such suspension and that the driver shall be required to appear at an administrative hearing to contest the proposed suspension. The Department shall provide the driver a hearing before a hearing officer on the date and at the time specified in the notice. First offender drivers may enroll in a defensive driving class in lieu of a hearing and possible suspension; however, drivers who accumulate more than 20 points in a one year period are not eligible for defensive driving class. These drivers will be facing license suspension of 6-12 months, and must attend a hearing if they wish to contest the suspension. Drivers who are eligible to complete a safety class in lieu of suspension will be placed on probation for one year. If the driver gets two violations or accidents while on probation, he or she could face a violation of probation and suspension of license for 6-12 months. If you’ve gotten a traffic violation in the Memphis area and wish to avoid points on your license, contact Memphis traffic ticket lawyer Patrick Stegall. Mr. Stegall can go to court for you and work to get the charge dismissed. Call him at (901) 205-9894 or email him at

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