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Memphis speeding tickets have been on the rise lately.  Over the last few months I’ve observed it in my daily driving around town.  I’ve seen more Memphis police by the side of the road or in speed traps, pointing their radar guns at passing cars.  I’ve also seen more traffic stops.  Additionally, as a Memphis speeding ticket lawyer, I’ve had more individuals contact me for representation in their traffic cases.  This includes individuals in the Memphis area and from out of town.  While most traffic stops are for speeding violations, some also include seat belt violations and expired tags.   If the individual is driving without insurance or does not have his or her insurance card on them, they can also be charged with violation of financial responsibility. If you have received a ticket in Memphis, Germantown, or Shelby County, you may be worried about how it’s going to affect your driving record, or you may not be able to come to court for it because of where you live or your schedule.  A traffic ticket lawyer in Memphis can help with this.  A lawyer can often get a dismissal of speeding tickets of five, ten, or even fifteen or more miles per hour over.  These dismissals will usually be “at costs,” which means that the driver would have to pay court costs after the court date.  Some tickets, however, can be dismissed without costs, which means no costs need to be paid.   With a dismissal, the ticket does not go on your driving record.  Essentially the charge is dropped and it does not get reported to the insurance company.  Another advantage of having a lawyer for your Memphis and Shelby County traffic ticket is that you do not need to go to court.  The attorney can make all appearances, even for individuals who live out of state. How the ticket is handled is going to depend on the court.  Memphis speeding tickets can usually be dismissed at the initial appearance, but if it’s a ticket involving an accident with injuries it may have to be tried.  Shelby County traffic tickets can often be dismissed after a six-month probationary period.  During this period the driver must maintain a clean driving record and complete a driver safety school.  Germantown speeding tickets are often handled the same way.  The outlying areas of Memphis, such as Bartlett, Collierville, Piperton, and Oakland have their own ways of handling traffic tickets.  Patrick Stegall is a Memphis speeding ticket lawyer.  He represents individuals with traffic cases in Memphis, Germantown, and Shelby County.  Whether you live in the Memphis area or are outside of Tennessee, email Mr. Stegall at or call him at (901) 205-9894.

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